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The Durham Boys Series

Turns out the email I just sent to my new therapist...did not go to my new therapist.  It went to Wes Durham: my enemy.

My novels are almost always enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, and have to be exclusive to Amazon - but I sometimes take them out and publish everywhere.

Just click the cover of the book you want to read - if it's available on your preferred retailer, the link will take you straight there!


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It's every bride's dream: reliving her wedding day, over and over again.

But when it actually happens?

Trust me. It's a nightmare.

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About Me


My name's Piper, and I'm the author of New Adult and Contemporary romance novels like Fake Halo, The Midwife's Playlist, Darling, All at Once (an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller), and more.


While some of my books are wildly different from one another, they've all got several things in common: sexy and broken heroes, feisty (usually broken or healing) heroines, and beautifully real, flawed people falling in out-of-this-world love.


For all the tears, there's always laughter - and, of course, a happily-ever-after worth melting over.


Every novel is a standalone, but they all connect with shared towns and characters.


I adore longer epilogues as a reader, so you'll never get a too-short epilogue in my books.


I live in Virginia with my husband, our kids, and a Siberian Husky way too smart for his own good.


Before I spent my days writing about life and love, I wrote copy for insurance companies.  And I will never, ever go back.

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I love connecting with readers, so I've made lots of ways to reach me!  
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xo, Piper